Dr. Mike Blow

Sound Art || Performance || Interactives || Installations || Electronics

Mike is represented internationally by BUREAU DOOVE and supported by Oxford Contemporary Music.

Colony, Bluedot Festival 2017

Blows, performance at Cafe Concrete, Plymouth 2016

Peace Music Project, Ashmolean Museum Oxford 2017

This Is Where We Are, Tate Modern London 2016

This Is Where We Are (performance), Tate Modern London 2016 (photo: Mike Phillips)

Blowstudio Hornet, Arduino theremin, 2015

Blowstudio Hornet, Arduino theremin, 2015

Traak!, Audiograft, Oxford 2015

Shadowplay, Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2015

Blows, live performance, Young Rewired State, Plymouth 2014

Pod, Whitley Art Festival, Reading 2013

Pod, Barbican, London 2014 (photo: Alison Ballard)

Aeolus, Unfoldings, Watermans Gallery 2013

Ritual, Unfoldings, Watermans Gallery 2013

Arpeggi, Audible Forces, Brighton Festival 2013

Arpeggi, Audible Forces, Brighton Festival 2013

Arpeggi, Audible Forces, Greenwich and Docklands International Festival 2013

Deep Listening, River Runs Project, Oxford 2012 (photo: James Hudson)

Presence Room, BEAM Festival, London 2012

Solar Work #2, Audiograft, Oxford 2012

Torch Song, Spotlight, Oxford 2011

Machines for Singing, Gardner Arts Center, Brighton 2006

Pod, Shunt, London 2009

Postcards from the Dead, Sound Art, Brighton 2009

The Fully Sequential Multi-Sensory Reflect-O-Matic, Time Machines, Oxford 2011

Theremuino, handbuilt instrument, 2010


Colony wil be appearing at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival 5/6th May 2018.


Working on a psychosonography project with Mat Emmett of Plymouth University


Colony at Bluedot and Kendal Calling Festivals, summer 2017

Assisting artist Joseph Young with a sound installation at Lewes Castle, summer 2017

The Peace Music Project appeared at Supersonic, Ashmolean Museum Oxford, March 2017