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"ALL TIME IS ALL TIME" is a photographic film inspired by Kurt Vonnegut's literary work, "Slaughterhouse 5" about the controversial bombing of Dresden at the end of World War II in which Dresden was destroyed and the entire historic core of the city was razed to the ground. The film focuses on Dresden and its reconstruction as a pretext for exploring history, memories, their fragility, and nonlinear, broken time. The film is made from photographs by Ivan Blazhev and original soundtrack created by the sound artist Mike Blow. The photographs were made in Dresden in the period 2018-2020, and the soundtrack is composed from field recordings and experimental sound research to complement the visual narrative of space, time and experience.

Premiered at the Festival of Critical Culture, Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje in September 2020 and has since been screened in Belgrade (10/20) and Paris (01/21).