I am an artist and academic whose interests and practice lie at the intersection of creativity and technology. My artistic practice spans sound art, interactive art and performance, and is a ongoing exploration of my interests in electronic creativity, the study and modelling of natural processes and the artistic possibilities offered by intermedia spaces.

Sound is a consistent element in all my work. I love its physical, vital energy, its quality of appearing simultaneously present and absent, its enormous dynamic range and its capacity for shifting our perception of the environment. As a musician I have always had an interest in sound, but within the context of artistic practice this has broadened into experimental performance and installations using homemade instruments and interactive interfaces.

I see teaching as a natural extension of the making and ideas-generation process, and attempt to facilitate students' self-exploration and encourage and guide their personal research and engagement. I am a firm believer in experiential learning, and the Immaculate Heart College Art Department rules, especially number 4: "Consider everything an experiment".

I have been awarded a PhD from the Sonic Art Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University under Ray Lee (DoS) and Professor Paul Whitty, and I currently hold the position of Programme Lead and Lecturer in Interaction Design for the BA/BSc Digital Art and Technology course at Plymouth University. My current research projects include 'democratic electronic music' - a practical investigation of the possibilities of DIY electronics and fablab culture to create instruments that anyone can play; and the AGAST project with Eric White and John Twycross of Oxford Brookes, creating modern responses to the ideas of the futurists.

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