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The Hornet is an infra-red theremin and is the first project produced through our new company, Blowstudio UK.

The standard hornet has a distance sensor and speed and decay controls, a mode switch (polite/rude) and a voice switch (human/robot). The pro version adds CV/Gate control for speed and pitch.

Opposite you can see an introduction to the project and two instructional videos, one for the standard Hornet and one showing how to use your Hornet Pro with an analog sequencer.

Hornets are available for purchase, please email us.

The Hornet was developed during my BOOM! residency with Oxford Contemporary Music, and the initial run was crowdfunded with the help of Crowdfunder.co.uk.

Introduction to the Hornet project (original Crowdfunder video):

Standard Hornet walkthrough, showing sound options and playing ideas:

Video showing CV/Gate control of the Hornet Pro using a Korg SQ1 sequencer: