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Machines for Singing, audio installation, dimensions variable (2006-2009).

Machines for Singing, by Rowena Easton and Mike Blow, is an architectural sound installation which 'plugs in' to a building to record the subsonic and supersonic life of its fabric. Real time audio streams are processed, to create a symphony out of the dynamic interplay of environmental forces with structural elements, and experienced live as the building's own music.

By exploring our relationship with the places we inhabit, and transforming our experience of space, Machines for Singing invites us to think about the built environment in new ways.

Installed at the Gardner Arts Center, Brighton, June 2006 and at the Central School for Speech and Drama, London, May 2009.

About Rowena Easton

Rowena is interested in her writing's relationship to architectural space: Its foundation, structure and ornament. She constructs a poetic space, which investigates the interplay between formal and organic systems. It is through working with language's temporal and spatial qualities, that her interests have been directed into sound.


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