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The Peace Music Project is an experimental interactive installation that uses hacked ex-military hardware to create music. In this instance I used weapon control panels sourced from decomissioned RAF Tornado fighter jets.

The piece is designed to engage two people in collaborative music making, subverting the orginal purpose of the controls. The panels are mounted in a table top and trigger audio clips which the players control to make music. A video of aircraft gun camera footage plays between the panels as a reminder of the previous use of the controls. The work sets up contradictions between the divisive and collaborative use of technology and between the military and the domestic.

The work was exhibited at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, as part of their 'Supersonic' event in March 2017. A short clip of the work features in the video on the right, along with 'Aeolus Cabinet' and 'Colony', other works of mine that were also shown.