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Interactive sound installation
Exhibited at Jubilee Library Brighton 25th - 31st May 2010 and at 'Stadium', Brighton University Grand Parade Gallery 13-31st July 2010.

'Pickup' is an interactive sound and three-dimensional artwork that addresses issues involved in the manufacture and purchase of sports equipment.

To experience the piece, the visitor puts on the headphones, lifts the shoe and tilts it. The shoe controls the sounds heard in the headphones. Each of the sounds (cow, sewing, rubber tapping, chinese speech, ship, nike collector) relates to the shoe, its origins, manufacture, or status as a consumer object.

A 'pickup' is the name given by trainer collectors to the acquisition of a new pair of shoes; it also describes the process of interacting with the piece.

Subtle Objects

'Subtle Objects' is a series of pieces that enhance or recontextualise a three-dimensional object using sound. This might include emphasising physical or symbolic qualities of the object, or the sounds of real or imagined histories. A subtle object is one that exists in the imagination between what is seen, and what is heard.

Images: Pickup in development and at 'Stadium', University of Brighton Gallery, July 2010

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