POD, tactile sound sculpture, dimensions variable (2009).

POD, by Alison Ballard and Mike Blow, is an audio-visual installation using loudspeakers placed inside giant inflatables.

Using the audio phenomenon of beats, the speakers hum and vibrate with pulsing low-frequency sound. Audience members are encouraged to place hands and ears on the inflatable to feel and hear the sounds coming from within.

POD uses audio to bring a new meaning and potential to inanimate objects. The sound changes our peception of the objects by creating a new hybrid audio/physical artifact.

POD was exhibited at the Whitley Arts Festival, Reading 25/10/13 and the London Barbican, 01-02/03/14

About Alison Ballard

Alison Ballard works across disciplines to examine our perceptions and experiences of sound, space and the moving image. Investigating psychoacoustics, neurology and infrasound, she aims to give a physical presence to an intangible medium.


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