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Postcards from the Dead, mixed media installation, dimensions variable (2009)

Postcards from the Dead presents recordings of old holiday postcards from around 1900-1940, presented on loudspeakers with small torch bulbs flickering in time with the words.

The people and events referred to in the cards remain, for the most part, a mystery and remind us of the transience of our own lives and experiences. Thus, the dead are both the writers of the cards and ourselves by implication.

Holiday postcards from Europe at that time have an added poignancy as from our historical vantage point we know of subsequent events which the people and places referred to in these cards were soon to be caught up in.

Postcards from the Dead was exhibited at 'Sonic Art', Blank Gallery Brighton 02/05/09-16/05/09

Postcards from the Dead at the Sonic Art Exhibition, Blank Gallery Portslade 2009 (at 08:30)

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