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SOLAR WORK #2 (2012)

Sound Installation, Audiograft, Oxford 2012.

Solar Work #2 presents a line of solar-powered sound devices in the landscape.

The piece investigates the possibility of creating a 'field of small sounds' that respond to the sun and draw visitors through the landscape. By hanging multiple sound-producing elements (housed in brass gramophone horns) in trees, in a line across the landscape, the piece draws people visually as well as sonically.

'Small sounds' (based on the work of Rolf Julius) are, as the name suggests, usually quiet; but they draw the listener in and force them to listen more acutely. They can be used to draw attention to other sounds in the environment, as they exist in concert with those sounds and can engage in a dialog with them, rather than drowning them out.

The use of green energy allows electronic artworks to be placed in otherwise-impossible places and to open people's ears to sounds in the environment that they might otherwise ignore.

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