The Theremuino is an infra-red theremin. It uses an Arduino microcontroller programmed with a modified version of the Audiuno grain synth.

The performance Theremuino has an infra-red sensor for pitch, and controls for grain delays, speed and volume. It has two modes - polite and rude - which respectively sound melodic and rhythmic/noisy. It's built into an Electro-Harmonix guitar effects pedal box.

Various versions of the Theremuino have now been built, including a simplified one for inclusion in the Circus Kinetica bar for Secret Garden Party 2010, a version housed in stacked perspex, and a spherical 'Energy Ball' version.

Build your own: download the guide, case templates, circuit diagram and the code.

Audio clip: Mike Blow on Theremuino, Alex Allmont on FX pedals

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