Exhibition, Oxford Brookes University, 2011.

Time Machines focused on the ability of sound to bring an awareness of the 4th dimension - time - into physical, three-dimensional objects.

A variety of work explored the ways sound can be used and manipulated to change our appreciation of the history of objects or to bring awareness of their change over time.

Works included in the show were:

Bleigeissen: a sculpture created by pouring molten metal into water is accompanied by the sound of its creation slowed down 100 times.

Stereo Rain Paintings: two steel sheets that had been painted in parts with varnish were left in the rain to rust, and presented with the sound of the rain.

The Fully Sequential Multi-Sensory Reflect-O-Matic: LED fans and solar cells create a direct and ever-changing light-to-sound translation.

Sundial (Solar Drums): A drumkit played by solar-powered motors provides an audio reading of the direction and brightness of the sun.

For A Limited Period Only: listening to the sound of a lightbulb filament burning up.

Memory Triptych: three haiku presented on rusted steel plate accompanied by field recordings.

(All works 2011)

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